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Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 PM
2-class serie
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America has been waging a war on cancer for almost half a century. Despite many technological advances, scientific breakthroughs, and billions of dollars in research, the overall death rate from cancer has changed very little. And for many types of cancer, survival rates have not improved significantly.

Cancer is not a disease of genetic mutation, as almost all modern researchers assume. This incorrect theory leads to treatments that ignore or in some cases worsen, the true underlying cause.

The good news is, we now know how to prevent between 70-95% of all cancers. Not through “early detection,” which has nothing to do with prevention, but through diet and lifestyle strategies.

This two-class series, taught by Howard Jacobson, PhD, draws upon the latest research to share a new understanding of cancer prevention.

You’ll discover:
-The metabolic theory of cancer and why it  changes everything
-Populations with extremely low rates of cancer
 and what we can learn from them
-Diet and lifestyle changes that can
 significantly reduce your risk of developing
-Skills for shopping, storing, and preparing a
 delicious “anti-cancer” diet

HOWARD JACOBSON, MPH, PhD, writes, coaches, and consults on health and wellness. He has degrees in Health Studies and Public Health, and has 15 years’ experience in marketing and performance coaching. With his breadth of knowledge, Howard is uniquely positioned to help provide information so that his clients may make more informed decisions about treatment options. By offering specific, evidence-based wellness strategies, he enables people to take control of their health destinies.

Visit Howards website: www.trianglebewell.com