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Science has recently discovered the importance of our gut microbiome - the trillions of tiny critters that live in our digestive tract and do most of the heavy lifting of our digestion.

The food that we eat determines the variety and health of that microbiome, which in turn determines our digestive health and the functioning of many other systems in our bodies as well. Most of us have severely compromised gut bacteria, however, due to antibiotics, c-sections, formula feeding as infants, and poor diets. This contributes to our modern epidemics of obesity, asthma, allergies, diabetes and cancer.

This two-class series, taught by Howard Jacobson, PhD, draws upon the latest research to show us how to repair our gut microbiome and reclaim our health through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes.

You’ll discover:
-The importance of the gut microbiome
-The links between compromised gut bacteria
 and disease
-Strategies for rebuilding the gut microbiome
-Skills for shopping, storing, and preparing a
 delicious “happy gut” diet

HOWARD JACOBSON, MPH, PhD, writes, coaches, and consults on health and wellness. He has degrees in Health Studies and Public Health, and has 15 years’ experience in marketing and performance coaching. With his breadth of knowledge, Howard is uniquely positioned to help provide information so that his clients may make more informed decisions about treatment options. By offering specific, evidence-based wellness strategies, he enables people to take control of their health destinies.

Visit Howards website: www.trianglebewell.com