Wholistic Health Studio

2-class series, Saturdays 10AM-Noon,
4/28 & 5/5

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Compassion Fatigue (CF)? It is the result of caring experienced by any caregiver, lay or professional, repeatedly exposed to traumatic situations related to those in his/her care. The cost (emotional, physical, mental, and/or spiritual) can be overcome through self-compassionate care by increasing one’s resiliency.

In this two-class series you will learn how to identify compassion fatigue in your own life, develop a plan to increase compassion satisfaction, and practice self-care techniques.

REV. PATRICIA CADLE, MRE, BCC (Masters of Religious Education from Duke Divinity School and Board Certified Chaplain from the Association of Professional Chaplains) has served as the first Oncology Chaplain at the NC Cancer Hospital, UNC Health Care since 2001. She recently retired to pursue her passion of caring for the caregiver. During the last few years at UNC she spearheaded an initiative in the NC Cancer Hospital to teach healthcare professionals about the high risks of experiencing the symptoms of compassion fatigue. She employed self-compassionate care techniques (Deep Breathing, Laughing Yoga, Qigong and EFT-Tapping, just to name a few).