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Fridays 8:30-9:45 AM

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For thousands of years, Yoga has been a tool to open the mind and body, bringing transformation. Yoga transforms you by opening up the physical and mental binds that impede your potential, limiting your life.

Hatha Yoga is a gentle style that focuses on moving with the breath. Its underlying philosophy encourages kindness and acceptance, and among the many benefits are flexibility, calming the mind and relieving stress.

The goal of the class is to send you out into the world feeling physically stronger and spiritually uplifted. Through stretching and strengthening in tune with your breathing, you will experience improved balance, flexibility, peace of mind and openness of heart.

Open to everyone from beginners to intermediate students, you can adapt your personal experience by modifying the difficulty of the various poses being taught. This approach allows persons with various levels of physical conditioning to learn yoga in a warm, supportive environment. Namaste.

GIGI LEE, Certified Yoga Instructor, has 20+ years of experience teaching yoga, including founding the yoga programs at the Duke Faculty Club and the Croasdaile Retirement Village. She is a graduate of the Blue Point Yoga 200-hr teachers training program. Gigi has a passion and commitment to share the wealth and benefits that a yoga practice has to offer. Her practice highlights sequences that incorparate strength, flexibility and balance, linking breath with movement, and above all tapping into the ever-present mind body connection.